Felicia Linch

Transition Coach
Breaking limiting mindsets

Do you know God created you for a purpose? So why haven’t you stepped into it?

Let me help you transition – I have a gift for envisioning what is possible.

About Felicia Linch

A true child of the diaspora, born and raised in the U.K., with a father from Nigeria, and mother from Barbados. She is passionate about connecting with people, transitioning well and her faith in Jesus.

As a teenager, I didn’t fit in but had little idea why, and then as an adult, I often felt misunderstood.  I came to realise it was because I rarely accepted the status quo or conformity. I was always in transition because God created me with a purpose and he was preparing me! 

My tag line is ‘breaking limiting mindsets’, this is a huge part of my own transition to becoming the Purposed Leader that I am today.  It didn’t happen overnight, nor did I achieve it alone. My book, Invisible Leader- Stepping Up, Stepping Out chronicles my leadership journey and the lessons I learned and I am grateful to the many coaches and mentors that God gifted me “In a multitude of counsellors there is safety”.


My aim as a coach is to help you discover or refine your purpose and boldly step into it.  I bring an  ‘added extra’, PROPHETIC  INSIGHT.  Whilst I have unique insight from the many professional and personal transitions that I have experienced, the insight I hope to bring comes from Holy Spirit and concerns you! 

I am passionate about people stepping up and stepping out into who they were created to be. I listen, challenge and help you to break those mindsets that have limited you, and what God wants to do in and through you!  You will begin to make decisions that reflect and support God’s will and who He created you to be.  That to me is ‘Transitioning well’.

You can learn more about my experience as a business owner, Government Advisor, Leader of diverse global teams at Kitch Consulting and Coaching Ltd or about my passion to develop a new generation of leaders, Purposed Leaders at Purposed4Leadership.org

My Values

My personal values reflect my Nigerian name, Nkechinyelu, my family and friends call me “KITCH” for short (which also happens to be the name of my consulting company)


KNOWLEDGE must be shared

 It is the key to developing a growth mindset

INSIGHT must be gained

Taking time to get to know someone brings deep insight that allows you to support, encourage and offer accountability

TRUST must be earned

It leads to openness and receptiveness

CONNECTION must be sought after

It leads to strong relationships and community

HEARTS must be captured

Transition is not simply a process it involves ‘hearts and minds.


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C/O Kitch Consulting & Coaching Ltd. 

Address: 82 Cherokeke Road
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Turks and Caicos Islands

Tel: + 44 (020) 8133 1903
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Email: felicial@felicialinch.com

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