Are you in Transition?

So many people over the past few months have been speaking to me about being in transition.  It could be from one job to another, from middle management to senior management, from employee to business owner or a life stage transition.  The key theme in speaking to people was:

How do you transition well, not just quickly

What is Transition?

Transition is a process. Whereas change happens in an instant transition happens over time.  Transition is the place in the middle. Where you are no longer where you were, or, who you were,  but are moving to where you want to go, or, who you want to become.

How to Transition well?

I used to think to transition well meant minimising the pain, making it easy. I’ve found it’s not necessarily so. The reason is because transition is about transformation.  The key is the mindset shift and that kind of transformation is hard work.

…Be transformed by the renewing of your mind


That kind of transformation means weeding out the lies, the dream buster’s…

  • ‘ Oh people like us (insert people of colour, from our background, our sex or whatever) can never make it’
  • ‘You don’t have what it takes’, ‘
  • No one will ever marry you’.

We have to get rid of these lies and break our limiting mindsets!

Evicting the lies?

A great way is to write them out and then underneath write the truth in a different coloured pen. Then meditate on the truth throughout your day till it’s real.

It’s trendy nowadays to talk about living your own truth but for me that’s flawed.  If we believed a lie it’s going to take something more concrete than what can essentially be a form of pseudo – self belief (values or statements that act as real, but are fake self-esteem) to do the work of re-wiring our brains to the truth. This is where Universal Principles come in. These are absolute or fundamental truths. This means they hold true for everyone in every situation, they are tried and tested.

There are some good principles frameworks out there you can adapt to find truth to evict your lies, e.g
Ray Dalio’s book “Principles”. has some great ones. As a woman of faith my principles framework is taken from the Bible. Even if you’re not a Christian the Book of Proverbs has some timeless Universal Principles.

So what lives have you been believing?  It’s time to evict them!

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