The Invisible Leader:

Stepping Up, Stepping Out

  • Have you made yourself invisible, afraid to step out and into your full potential?
  • Do you feel no one sees your potential?
  • Are you conflicted, at times feeling you have nothing valuable to say, and at other times knowing there is something more inside of you?


“This is not your grandparent’s generation leadership book; not even another voice in the long line of leadership theory or research.   Rather, it is the powerfully personable stories of what makes leaders authentic, productive, and able to redeem any circumstance into teachable moments to serve others.   Felicia Linch has delivered what is needed to wake us up to the real and raw lessons we must all process and embrace to become the best versions of our leadership selves for the world.”

Dr. Joseph Umidi

Founder/CEO , Lifeforming Leadership Coaching

BRAVO! A real live human leader! This book is unique among leadership books in that it doesn’t give you a list of principles or qualities in theory. Felicia Linch, in complete alignment with what she believes about leadership, chooses to be 100% vulnerable by sharing the raw material of her own fumbling and victorious journey into an authentic and powerful leader. She exposes all the false notions of what we think it means to be a leader, the shallow buzzwords we throw around but rarely see exhibited, and the common paths to incomplete and inadequate transformation of the inner leader. The world must have leaders today who have seen and mastered their own inner life. Apart from that, they are not equipped to bring transformation to a world that desperately needs it at every turn. The world has found one such leader in Felicia. I hope this book multiplies many more! 

Tricia Exman

Coach, Communicator, Catalyst and Owner of Presence Coaching

Who it’s for!

Felicia’s first book ‘The Invisible Leader: Stepping Up, Stepping Out will resonate with anyone who feels no one sees their full potential, or is conflicted at times feeling they have nothing valuable to offer, yet at other times knowing there is something more inside of them.

Felicia shares her leadership awakening, authentic and unfiltered,  that led to the acceptance of her life purpose, which then led to open doors as she stepped up to her stature and stepped out to her destiny. 

Felicia hopes her journey will inspire others to step out too, and, become what she describes as Purposed Leaders, i.e. those who have a sense, a calling, to achieve a goal or vision bigger than themselves for the benefit of others.

About Felicia

Felicia had a sense that she was a leader from an early age…


Although a confident child as she progressed through the education system, she lost that confidence as she found she ‘didn’t fit in’. She has always been an independent thinker prone to “telling it like it is” and this wasn’t always well received!  Worse still, as a 5ft 3, black woman from a less than desirable part of South London, with divorced parents did not fit the mould of what the ‘British Establishment’ considered to be a ‘future leader’ as she discovered during her time at Bar School. The result is she tried to hide who she really is.

Yet, Felicia’s knew there had to be ‘more to life’ even after experiencing major challenges such as, sexual abuse, failing bar school and adulterous relationships.  She kept seeking, searching and eventually she came to a place where she discovered who she really was, and learned not only to accept herself but to learn from her challenges and step up and out of the shadows and into the light.  Felicia’s journey is both a spiritual one just as much as it is a leadership journey!

Felicia is now an advisor to government’s, a leadership coach, and speaker. She is managing Director of Kitch Consulting and Coaching Ltd a consultancy based in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Felicia, her husband Andrew and 5 canines are global citizens living and working wherever the call of being purposed for leadership takes them.  They spend their down time in Barbados which they now call home. 

Felicia describes herself as “a true child of the diaspora”, having been born and raised in the U.K., with a father from Nigeria, and mother from Barbados. She is passionate about connecting with people, developing a new generation of leaders, and her faith.

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