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How Do I know if coaching is Right for Me?

Coaching is right for anyone who wants to take action and wants a partner to provide much needed support, encouragement and most of all accountability to help you get it done.

How do I know if Felicia is a Good Fit For Me?

Chances are if you have reached this page you already have a pretty good sense that I would be a good fit for you as your coach.   I encourage you to look at the videos on my site, read my Bio, client testimonials and  check out my corporate website – Kitch Consulting and Coaching Ltd and find me on Instagram.

Schedule an introductory session

I offer a special priced introductory session where you can experience how we will work together and see if we’re a fit.

USD $179

This introductory session explores:

Your Goals

We take the time to explore your life goals and what you are trying to accomplish.

Moving Forward

We examine where you are now and what is stopping you from moving forward.

Your Commitment

We determine your level of commitment to take action and follow through. 

My Approach

2 keys to unlock the door to transitioning well:

1. Mindset shift…taking time for reflection

No matter whether you are moving from being an employee to a business owner or from being single to married, whatever the transition it starts with YOU!



Transitioning well requires a mindset shift, SO my process starts with a voyage of self-discovery helping you get clear on  4 key components:

This mindset shift will help you answer the tough questions that inevitably arise during transition, and, will ensure you don’t remain in the middle lane longer than necessary!

 2. Action Oriented…not just talk!

No matter the type of transition you are going through all my coaching packages are designed to ensure that you develop clear goalsand, an action plan to walk out your transition.  With the coaching plans of longer duration I walk out that plan with you providing you with great tools and assessments, and the much needed support, encouragement and accountability to guarantee you succeed.

How It Works

Decide on transition type

Decide which type of transition you wish to make or are experiencing and  schedule  an introductory call. In this call we discuss your needs and determine how I can help.

 We will also discuss which package would be best for you, or whether a customised solution would be preferable.  

Choose a Coaching Package

I offer 3 standard coaching packages each of which can be used for any of the types of transition I help my clients with. 

Whether youchoose a standard package or a customised one you can make payment online . It’s quick easy and secure.

Note: With the 6 week and Group coaching packages we also offera  payment by installment  option.

Schedule your time

Once you have paid you will get an email with a receipt confirming payment, and a link to schedule your first session. If you select a group package you will be sent the group coaching timetable.

If following  your first session you feel that I am not a match for you as a coach I will give you a full-refund.

Kick-Start Coaching Package

The 4-week quick start coaching package is designed to help you get clear on the transition you are making, or that is happening.  It will help shift your mindset  and take you through an accelerated path to developing goals,  and a Personal Transition strategy and Plan .


More Details

With this package you receive:

  • Free orientation session
  • Mindset shift (2 videos)
  • Weekly 1-2-1  coaching  – total of 4 
  • Personal Transition Strategy and Plan

4 Month Coaching Package

This 4-month coaching package is specifically designed for results.  It takes 21 days to make changes (build a habit) and a further 3 cycles of 21 days to embed that change.   So with this package I not only help you set goals, develop a strategy and plan but also help you walk out that plan. You will take concrete actions that you decide upon and I will provide accountability to ensure they are embedded.  How quickly you are able to execute your transition plan or depends on you; your schedule and your motivation.  


More Details
  • Free orientation session
  • Mindset shift challenge (includes a character assessment)
  • Bi-Weekly 1-2-1  coaching  – total of 10
  • Personal Transition Strategy and Plan
  • Coaching conversation report with action steps
  • 2 Free PDF Guides on transition

Group Coaching Package

The Group coaching package is for 3 months duration. It  works particularly well for Leadershipand Ministry transition.  

With life a transition the sensitive nature of the discussion may not lend itself well to Group coaching.  Howver, if you have a group of friends or family who are experiencing the same or similar transitions as you and you are all willing to share and be transparent a group could be an option.

One of the obvious advantages of group coaching is that the investment may be more manageable.


More Details
  • Free orientation session
  • Mindset shift challenge (includes a character assessment)
  • Bi-weekly group  coaching  – total of 6 (Min Group of 5 and Max group of 12)
  • Personal Transition Strategy and Plan
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 3 x Live Q&A – one per month 

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