Summer has ended and for many of us Autumn begins.  I love the seasons and though in the Caribbean we do not experience a significant change in weather new seasons still abound.

Taking time out

September is always a time of reflection for me as it’s also my birthday. This past birth year was one of lots of transitions.  Some of which were very difficult, including moving back to Barbados.  One of my key transitions was shifting the focus of my business.  In 2018 I renamed the business from Kitch Consulting Ltd to Kitch Consulting and Coaching Ltd (KCCL).  This was intentional.  I wanted to help our clients see our core competencies were both consulting and coaching.  More importantly, I wanted to align the business with my passion ‘building Nations’ and developing people.   This meant saying no to work that didn’t align.  This led to a year off which was scary, especially on the bank account!

This transition was a challenge but necessary.  The down-time allowed me to clearly articulate what type of clients I wanted KCCL to serve. Also, what type of client’s I wanted to coach.  I worked with external consultants to develop a new strategy, including a new marketing strategy.  You must be asking“you’re a consultant why couldn’t you do it yourself?’.  When transitioning to something new it helps to have someone with you in the journey with a different perspective.  Someone who was not part of the old.  Our tendencies as humans is to default to our old ways.  That means sometimes we can intend to do something new, but actually it’s more of the same done differently.

The  new strategy led to the development of  Separating out my corporate and personal brand.  It also led to me re-focusing on transition and being deliberate about seeking coaching and speaking work.

In the end I was grateful I took the time off to re-focus. I also re-focused my priorities, business, personal and spiritual life.  No more spinning plates!

Embracing the new season

I’m pleased to be entering this new season.  If you follow my blog you would have received my news letter where I share in more detail.  Just to say this new Season started with a bang!  I moved house and we completed the move just in time.  Why?   Because this week I started a project in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).  I am the lead Advisor supporting the Government of the BVI in their Public Service Transformation initiative.  I should be in BVI once a month, giving me plenty of time for the other priorities in my life.

Hon. Deputy Governor of the British Virgin Islands, Mr. David B Archer, Jr. with Mrs Felicia Linch, lead consultant PST 

I’m excited to be starting this new project.  Transitioning well only happens when there is transformation and that’s what this project is all about.  I also feel privileged. My team and I will be helping BVI become stronger, more resilient and more effective following the devastation of hurricanes Maria and Irma in 2017.  I am passionate about building nations and that’s what this project will do.

Living our passion doesn’t happen by accident.  Last year I was intentional about turning down work that did not align with my passion, and my values.  It has paid off and I am transitioning well.

Till next time,