Having finally started to ‘lean into’ this time of being still I decided I was going to enjoy it.  We are always in Transition but life really is for living.  Is it time for you to regain your passion? It is for me.

Re-discovering what you love

I loved music as a child. By the time I hit secondary school I played 3 instruments, sang in a choir and wrote plays and performed in dramas. I took Drama at O’ level and loved to write but then ‘ real life’ hit.  You know getting qualified, building a career, marriage all that stuff.  It never occurred to me until I started to re-focus on my priorities that I really didn’t have a lot of ‘fun’ in my life.  What you do for fun is often what you love.  In my spare time I sing, listen to music and love to go to concerts.  I hadn’t been doing much of that.

No more excuses

So after 20 years I decided I needed to get back to doing some of the creative things I’m passionate about.  That is way to long. Every year I told myself, when I finish this or that I’ll make room for it. The reality is there will always be something else,  work, kids, another life event or transition.  I realised that if this was a priority for me I just needed to commit time and money to it. No excuses!

So I encourage you not to put off the things you love doing.  Our passions are just as important as the other stuff because they give us the energy to do the other stuff.

So this is my Chorale rehearsal for our Notes of Praise Showcase at Frank Collymore Hall, Barbados tonight. I’m having great fun with this group of people of all ages.  I’m also very proud of myself for getting an A for this term in vocal training!