In 2016 Andrew, my hubby, and I moved to the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI).  I was going to lead the Government’s Business Transformation Programme.  My contract had ended but I had a goal of offering coaching to US client’s who I would serve remotely.  So TCI was a great place to be, given it was only an hour 20 mins from Miami.  I met some great people in TCI.  I didn’t get to complete some key projects and many felt if I remained in TCI Government was sure to contract me again. Despite all this, Andrew and I felt it was time to move.  This meant yet another transition. However, this time it was different.

A transition with a difference?

I’ve moved countries 5 times in the past 15 years. I’ve moved houses more times than I can count.  But this transition was different. The most unnerving part of this one was I didn’t have a why?  I’ve found that to transition well I needed a compelling WHY?  When you have a WHY, i.e. a clear purpose for the change you are making it helps. It keeps you focused.  I had no WHY beyond a feeling that this is what the Creator wanted for us.  So we set a date to be back in Barbados by 1st August 2017. We started our preparations.

In mid July we travelled to Barbados to secure a house.  It was a great week catching up with friends and family. Each time we said we were coming back people asked “why”.  Things were tough in Barbados and set to get tougher. Neither Andrew nor I had something to come back for and for many the transition did not make sense!

Going with the flow

We didn’t find a suitable house on our house hunting trip.  None-the-less we returned to TCI to pack up.  Before leaving I asked a friend to look for a house.  She felt it was an impossible ask.  I told her of a particular house I was interested in. She told me there was no chance. The tenant was very settled and wanted to buy it. A week later my friend called. She said, ” I can’t believe it. The woman in my old house is leaving the Island. The house will be free 1st August”.  I said “we’ll take it!”  When you go with the flow things start to fall into place.

I left TCI at the end of July and started our new rental in Barbados on 1st August.  It felt like a new beginning, of what I didn’t know. Andrew remained in TCI  a while longer.  We had to sort out the the formalities with the dogs. It’s no easy thing travelling with pets, especially 3 of them.

He finally returned to Barbados by Charter with the dogs on 8th August 2017.  He re-fuelled in St Marten and landed in Barbados late evening. Just beating the storms.


I found my WHY

A month later on the 7th September hurricanes Maria and Irma hit the Turks and Caicos Islands. We felt so blessed to have escaped the disaster.  Even more so because in talking to my friend  and neighbour from TCI she told us we were lucky! There were 4 apartments in our block and the one we rented was the only one to have suffered damage.

The hurricane blew the steel hurricane shutters covering our patio doors, and everything with it, into our apartment. This is our Patio .

I realised then, had we remained in TCI we would likely be dead. Now I had my WHY for leaving . I learned sometimes you just have to follow the leading over the plan and go with the flow!